Flexible plans for Business and Developers

We deliver the backend and a Headless CMS on WordPress ready to use. No worries in any of our plans.


Get a Backend with Infrastructure on AWS and a Headless WordPress ready to use on any frontend framework. All resolved, without stress.

$0 /mes
ok icono Resolved Backend and Headless CMS.
ok icono 100% freedom for a modern frontend.
ok icono WordPress security improved x10.
ok icono Implementation Support.
ok icono Blog templates to get started fast.
ok icono Headless API documentation.
ok icono Partners Program with commissions of 20%.
ok icono Community with customer projects.

no credit card required


From a blog to a complex web page ready to scale. Take advantage of our plans to grow.

ok icono Custom Post Types.
ok icono Multi-language support.
ok icono Content distribution by Omnichannel API.
ok icono Dedicated backend team with DevOps.
ok icono Permanent support.

Plans and prices

Find a plan to boost your website to the next level

All plans include backend support to implement GorillaCMS and achieve first-rate performance.

Titi - Headless WP

Ideal for creating Headless Blogs that adapt to any website. Ultra-fast, secure and with custom designs with Advanced SEO.


Budget estimation


USD 15.00

5GB Storage

20GB Bandwidth/mo

Subscription value


One-time down payment


Custom Live Demo

Kong - Headless WP

All the potential of a Headless WordPress with integrated Custom Post Types, Multi-language, Multi-domains for content delivery and Advanced SEO.

TITI Features, more:



USD 59.00

10GB Storage

50GB Bandwidth/mo

Custom Post Type

Billed once


Additional Language

Billed once


Subscription value



One-time down payment



Custom Live Demo

Gorilla Enterprise

Ideal for growing businesses with higher customization, support, and security demands.

$ Custom prices

Take advantage of our experienced team in Headless WordPress and Backend to build what your business needs, 100% custom and with a dedicated team.

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Migrate your WordPress to Headless and improve it 10X

We convert your traditional WordPress to Headless for use in GorillaCMS. A dedicated team will help you migrate everything and achieve unprecedented performance.

Let's migrate your WordPress
Migrar WordPress a Headless WordPress

What is the difference between WordPress and Headless WordPress?

In the following table you can see the differences between a normal WordPress installation (without us) and a Headless installation like the one provided by GorillaCMS.

Classic Wordpress (without GorillaCMS)

Installed in your Hosting

Wordpress Installation and Configuration

  • Server configuration
  • MySQL database creation
  • WordPress installation and configuration

Installation of basic plugins

  • Yoast SEO

    Free - 89 USD/Annual

  • Akismet anti-spam

    Free - 10 USD/mes

  • WPForms to create forms

    40 USD/Annual

  • WP Rocket to improve performance

    49 USD/Annual

  • Monster Insights for Google Analytics

    Free - 99 USD/Annual

  • Simple SSL for HTTPS certificates

    Free - 29 USD/Annual

  • UpdraftPlus for Backups

    Free - 42 USD/Annual

  • Securi for Security

    Free - 20 USD/mes

  • CloudFlare as CDN

    Free - 20 USD/mes

  • Mailchimp for Subscriptions

    Free - 59 USD/Annual

Necessary infrastructure

  • Hosting on WP Engine

    Starts at $30/month

  • Maintenance professional

    Average valuation: 35 USD/hour

Blog Design with Wordpress

  • Professional WordPress Theme

    Median Valuation: $59

  • Professional to set it up

    Median Valuation: 350 USD

Minimum investment without premium features

510 USD and 40 USD/mes 😱

With GorillaCMS

Our Headless WordPress

CMS on Headless WordPress

  • Content editor (WordPress)
  • SEO tools
  • Media file management
  • API with Documented Endpoints
  • Omnichannel in the distribution of content by API (headless)
  • Custom fields

Automatic platform management

  • Installation and Configuration of Headless WordPress
  • Constant updates
  • Headless WordPress Maintenance
  • Daily DB backups
  • Security and uptime management

Infrastructure managed by us

  • Infrastructure on AWS
  • Storage in S3
  • Integrated Worldwide CDN
  • Secure login url
  • Enterprise class security

Blog design ready to use

  • Downloadable template files
  • UX-focused design
  • Day and night mode for a better reading experience
  • Optimized in SEO / SXO
  • Optimized for Subscriptions
  • 100% freedom to modify the front from the source code

Start whenever you want, All inclusive.

From $15/month 😎

Crea tu Cuenta Gorilla - GRATIS

But is it really worth it?

Let's talk about numbers and prices

With WordPress

Yes, WordPress is free with its OpenSource installation that you upload to your own server but you will have hidden costs once you start working.

With WordPress you will probably need to buy a premium theme and hire a developer to customize it, with the nerves that the theme will actually work for your business.

You'll need to buy Jetpack for $99 a year because it's "essential." You'll want to add advanced custom fields for $49/year, a Backups plugin for $200/year, a forms plugin for $349/year, and of course, quality "managed" hosting.

Anyway, when you want to settle, you're going to have over $1000/year spent just to keep the site online.

Not to mention all the work to follow up on updates to plugins, themes and WordPress itself. And hopefully he never receives any attack or threat because the numbers really get more complicated.

With GorillaCMS

It's very simple: you pay $15 /month and you get a Headless WordPress installation managed by us. The price is scalable according to the traffic and success of your blog.

We replaced a bunch of plugins and improved blog speed.

You don't have to worry about the design either, as we give you a very good one to implement in minutes.

In any case, we give you the freedom to choose and if you are or have a frontend programmer, he can use our API to integrate the CMS into his design with the language he wants.

Do you need to think about infrastructure and hosting costs?

NOT AT ALL. We have a trusted infrastructure on Amazon Web Service that is included in the Monthly fee you pay for our Software.

And yes, let's talk about Security 🤔


Of the hacked websites are running on WordPress. It is, due to its popularity, the most vulnerable CMS on the market.

GorillaCMS improves the security of WordPress by making it Headless and everything we offer in terms of security from our infrastructure reinforces any vulnerabilities.

In addition, we make daily backups and support the data of our clients at the enterprise level.

GorillaCMS for developers

Don't lose sleep. Our Gorilla will take care of it.

We created GorillaCMS with you in mind. We know what you need because we have already experienced it.

  • Give the marketing team a CMS they already know.
  • Take advantage of our already worked out headless WordPress implementation so you don't have to do anything technical in the backend.
  • Don't worry about the infrastructure, rebuild the product... or whatever you want!
  • Experience the freedom of using any modern programming language on the front end.
  • You will not be alone. We will accompany you to give you support in the implementation of our API.
  • All the modeling flexibility you need. Use our custom fields already integrated into the CMS to create unique pieces of content.
  • Turn WordPress into whatever you want, without suffering from web architecture and infrastructure.
  • Plugins? Themes? None of that is necessary. You create the front and then use our API.

GorillaCMS for marketing

Win the Omnichannel Content Marketing challenge.

Take control of the content and send it wherever you need it. Always accompanied by good SEO to generate constant traffic.

  • We help you build better digital experiences with your customers.
  • Using a Headless CMS means working prepared for the future. Create channel-independent content and distribute it wherever you need it.
  • Post changes instantly to all channels where you submit content.
  • Integrate any MarTech tool with flexibility, supported by our support team.
  • Prepared to improve SEO in your content.
  • By having a super optimized front end, you can offer ultra-fast digital products. Easily achieving a 100/100 on Google's PageSpeed Insight.
  • All your multimedia resources will be well cared for and always available in the AWS Storage S3 of your Gorilla account.