Headless WordPress in 1 minute

Headless low-code architecture for front-end developers

We take care of the Headless Architecture, Backend and CMS Customization so that you only have to worry about the Frontend with the programming language you want.

The WordPress of your dreams
It has arrived, it is Headless.

Customized and documented Headless CMS

Use the WordPress backend and editor decoupled from the Front for your web project. All solved for us.

Create faster and more secure websites

Any web project created with Headless WordPress has a MUCH higher performance than one created with its traditional version.

A familiar and easy-to-use CMS

The client will be able to use a familiar content manager (CMS), while developers have 100% code freedom.

Cloud or Self-hosted infrastructure

With your Account you will get hosting on AWS managed by DevOps with modern technology that guarantees security and performance.

How could you use aHeadless WordPress?

Headless WordPress para Empresas
For businesses

Save time and money with our headless implementation that will take your website technology to the next level.

Headless WordPress para Programadores
For developers

Don't waste hours and days with the backend and performance. Our Gorilla will take care of it. Redevelop the product... or whatever you want.

Headless WordPress para Marketers
For marketers

Create SEO focused content with the WordPress editor and send it to any blog, website, app or whatever you want via API.

Create your new project

The modern low-code technology stack for your Frontend projects.

We have all the necessary pieces to grow your web project with low-code headless.

Backend Support

Delivery Omnichannel


Automatic Backups

Cache and Performance

Custom CMS

API Documentation






API Headless